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Balcones True Blue &

Balcones True Blue 'C.O.B.' Private Select

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Balcones True Blue 'C.O.B.' Private Select is a rare gem that embodies the essence of Texas craftsmanship and terroir. This single barrel whiskey is crafted using the finest blue corn sourced exclusively from the high plains of West Texas, resulting in a uniquely rich and bold flavor profile.

The True Blue 'C.O.B.' indicates that this whiskey is aged in used, charred oak barrels, allowing the natural sweetness and complexity of the blue corn to shine through. What sets this particular bottling apart is its private select status, meaning that it has been hand-picked and customized by an exclusive group of Cult Of Balcones enthusiasts. Each bottle is a testament to the skill and passion of Balcones' master distillers, and a tribute to the unique flavor of Texas.

ABV: 67.9%

Proof: 135.8

Barrel No. 17306

Aged for 69 months in a used American oak barrel.