Cazcanes Tequila No.10 Still Strength Blanco 750ml_nestor liquor

Cazcanes Tequila No.10 Still Strength Blanco 750ml

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Cazcanes No.10 Still Strength Blanco is bottled at 108 proof for even more agave flavor. With Cazcanes, you won’t find a large-scale distillery producing tequila for multiple brands.

What you will find is a boutique-style distillery that operates in harmony with the land, environment, and the natural spring that preserves it. Cazcanes takes a distinctive approach to producing hand-crafted tequila from start to finish.

NOSE: Sweet agave, grapefruit, and candy corn notes mingle with floral undertones.

PALATE: Sweet agave, black pepper, grapefruit, and anise notes are present.

FINISH: Smooth and silky, with a lingering sweet flowery finish with a hint of black peppercorn.