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Cenote Blanco+ Cenote Reposado+ Cenote Anejo Special

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Cenote Blanco - This lively Cenote Blanco tequila is a brilliant color and packed with bright citrus and pepper on the nose. The continuous flavor of rich, cooked agave, spices, subtle wood, and green vegetables, are a result of spirt in American Oak barrels for three weeks.

Cenote Blanco tequila is rich in traditional flavor and ready to drink on any occasion.

Cenote Reposado - Cenote's Tequila Reposado is citrusy, peppery and has delicious vanilla notes, thanks to its three month spell in American oak barrels. This range of tequila is inspired by the spectacular underground freshwater pools in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, known as Cenotes, which were regarded as sacred by the ancient Mayan people. This Cenote Tequila Reposado is of top quality and one of the best of the family.

Cenote Anejo - Rich amber in color, Cenote™ Añejo is aged for one year in American Oak barrels. A smoked, woody nose with vanilla, spice and chocolate on the palate, this complex spirit balances the flavors present in the Yucatán Peninsula terrain.

Cenote™ Anejo Tequila is an ultra-premium 100% Agave Azul Tequilana Weber tequila inspired by the beauty of the Yucatán Peninsula. Cenote™ Tequila is a result of the diligent craftsmanship by Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes.
750 ML