Hardin's Creek Colonel James B. Beam Straight Bourbon 750ml

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Discover the ultra-limited second release of Hardin’s Creek, Colonel James B. Beam. Taken off the still at a low distillation proof then intentionally aged at just 2 years for a fullness of flavor and complexity usually reserved for more mature bourbons. The result after just 2 years in the barrel is an incredibly robust flavor and proof that quality isn't solely defined by time. Inspired by its namesake’s post-Prohibition bourbon, Colonel James B. Beam boasts notes of vanilla, the earthiness of nuts and oak, and a distinctive caramel body. It takes whiskey beyond what it’s expected to be and toward what it could be.

Hardin’s Creek Colonel James B. Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon is aged for two years and bottled at 54% ALC/VOL (108 Proof). Distilled and bottled by James B. Beam Distilling Co.