Little Book Chapter 4 ‘Lessons Honored’ 750ml_nestor liquor

Little Book Chapter 4 ‘Lessons Honored’ 750ml

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When eighth generation Beam family member Freddie Noe set out to make his own whiskey, he had one goal in mind: make his family proud. So he created Little Book, Chapter 4: Lessons Honored. It is made by blending three uncut and unfiltered Kentucky straight whiskeys which Freddie chose for their connection to past work with his father, current Beam master distiller Fred Noe. One is a 4 year-old Kentucky straight brown rice bourbon; one is an 8 year-old Kentucky "high rye" rye whiskey; and one is a 7 year-old Kentucky straight bourbon. The bottle features a blue tag which represents the University of Kentucky Wildcats--Freddie and Fred's favorite team.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance - Copper

Nose - Grass, herbal, apple, light oak, light brown sugar, faint ethanol with a spicy tail end

Palate - Heavy cinnamon, baking spice, old oak, dark brown sugar, fast ramp up of heat, intense.

Finish - Lingering cinnamin, spicy black and red pepper, damp oak and mild dryness.