Los Vecinos Ensamble No 1 Mezcal 750ml_nestor liquor

Los Vecinos Ensamble No 1 Mezcal 750ml

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Los Vecinos del Campo Ensamble No. 1 is made with 90% maguey Espadin, 5% maguey Barril and 5% maguey Madrecuishe. Aromas include chamomile, dill pickle, and roasted agave, with fragrances of green tea, hemp, palm frond, green pea and black pepper. Tasting notes include black pepper, honey and soy sauce, with a low degree of oiliness creating smokey, sweet, and sultry flavors. Smooth enough to be taken alone or to add a delicious kick to your favorite mixed drink.

Tasting notes:

A gritty, fresh spirit having some aromas of peppermint, caraway and dill. It has hints and notes of mint, green tea, cloves and cooked agave.