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Mizu Lemongrass Shochu 750ml

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Mizu Lemongrass Shochu is a lovely, lively, unexpected spirit from Mizu and the first of its kind. As fate would have it in nearby Takeo, a small community of farmers decided to grow premium organic lemongrass at the top of the local mountain ranges and the good folks at Mizu partnered with them for this unique expression. Made with local rice and white koji mash as a base, the freshly cut lemongrass is added to the mash three days before distillation. No flavorings are ever added after distillation. Distilled according to old traditions at a higher proof, the shochu is bright and concentrated with notes of fresh herbs, lemon meringue, lilacs and a hint of ginger. It is bright, citrusy, delicate, delicious. A blend of sake-like aromas and lemongrass on the nose. Silky mouthfeel. Hints of meyer lemon and a light sweetness that brings to mind rice pudding.

Best enjoyed on the rocks or with a splash of soda water.

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