Rare Perfection 15 Year Old Canadian Whiskey 750ml_nestor liquor

Rare Perfection 15 Year Old Canadian Whiskey 750ml

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Rare Perfection 15-Year-Old Canadian Whiskey is made from a bourbon mash bill of corn, wheat, and malted barley that was distilled in Canada. 

The barrels for Rare Perfection 14 and 15 were found in the back of a unique warehouse when the new owners took stock of their purchase. Due to mutual friends in the business, the principals of Rare Perfection received a call about these sublime casks. These ancient casks were made of new charred oak and filled with a Waterloo, Canada distilled four-grain bourbon mash bill.

They then aged in the single-level warehouse which maintained extremely cold temperatures year-round. Because of this a-typical bourbon aging environment, the interaction with the wood was dramatically slowed and the final result after 14 and 15 years is indeed Rare Perfection.