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Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ml

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Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon - Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a truly unforgettable taste. As one of the few wheated bourbons on the market today, Rebel Yell is made using only the choicest ingredients, pure limestone-filtered water and new charred white oak barrels for aging. Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon boasts a honey raisin scent and a long, warm finish. A full-bodied whiskey with honey, butter and a hint of dark fruit (plums, raisins) gives this wheated bourbon a unique style. Like all fine bourbons, Rebel Yell is steeped in tradition. The first bottle was produced in 1849 by the W.L. Weller family, the first distillers to produce Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey using wheat instead of rye in the mash bill. OUR NAMESAKE The “Rebel Yell” is one of the most endearing legends in our country’s history. It is a war cry used by Confederate soldiers to instill fear while engaged in battle. Also used as a chant of victory or a moral booster, General “Stonewall” Jackson was once quoted as saying “that’s the most beautiful sound in the world” Today Rebel Yell Bourbon represents the same victorious passion, commitment and honor to its heritage that our forefathers exhibited with their rebel yells. So next time you’re drinking Rebel Yell Bourbon, belt out a rebel yell in celebration. Who knows, it may inspire you to blaze your own trail.